•  Miwon, Salt, 250 gr

Korean "delicious salt" finely ground 250g

Processed salt will give a special taste to your dish. As a food seasoning that improves the taste of products, the sodium salt of glutamic acid was discovered by the Japanese doctor Kukunae Ikeda in 1907 during research on the taste of seaweed-kelp, which in Japan, Korea, and the Far East has long been eaten. Since then, monosodium glutamate has been used to enhance the taste and as a seasoning used to prepare many dishes in Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asian countries. There, this seasoning has rather flattering epithets: "essence of taste", "serum of the mind".

If you have tasted vegetables that have just been picked from the garden and compared their taste with those that are sold in the store, you know the difference. It is due to the fact that a lot of glutamic acids is found in fresh vegetables, but it is quickly destroyed during storage.

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Miwon, Salt, 250 gr

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