• Soy sauce Rui Xin China, 500 ml

Natural soy sauce Rui Xin will delight all lovers of traditional Asian cuisine. It can be added to most dishes to give them an attractive appearance and a wonderful taste. It is equally good as a salad dressing, marinade for meat and fish, gravy for frying, and dip sauce for Japanese and Korean dishes.

Fermented soybean sauce is a low-calorie dietary product that, unlike mayonnaise and many other sauces, does not cause any harm to the figure. In addition, it is able to completely replace table salt in dishes and make your diet healthier.

Numerous useful properties of soy sauce are known. It tones the whole body: it helps to keep the body young, improves blood circulation, prevents the development of cancer, strengthens blood vessels, and relieves insomnia.

Every year, the cuisine of Asian countries is becoming more and more popular, and with it its main attribute – soy sauce. It is necessary to choose it wisely because a truly high-quality product with an authentic taste is almost impossible to find in Russian supermarkets.

Composition: Water, skimmed soybeans, bran, wheat flour, salt, color - caramel color, flavor enhancer-monosodium glutamate, preservative-potassium sorbate, flavor enhancer-E635.

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Soy sauce Rui Xin China, 500 ml

  • Product Code: Соевый соус Жуй Синь Китай, 500 мл
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